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Annie's big amaryllis 2000Annie's big amaryllis 2000.1 (156 KiB) The creekThe creek.2 (141 KiB) Pecan treesPecan trees.3 (108 KiB) Confederate Rose bloomsConfederate Rose blooms.4 (106 KiB) Dona and SamDona and Sam.5 (45.2 KiB) my computer setup (2000)my computer setup (2000).6 (45.7 KiB) GrasshopperGrasshopper.7 (44.8 KiB) Into the woodsInto the woods.8 (126 KiB) Back of my pickupBack of my pickup.9 (55.3 KiB) Gas well (1-3)Gas well (1-3).10 (77.4 KiB) Hot cartoonHot cartoon.11 (69.8 KiB) Sunflower (2000)Sunflower (2000).12 (49.1 KiB) My houseMy house.13 (64.7 KiB) Microwaved biskMicrowaved bisk.14 (21.9 KiB) Sleet on mailboxSleet on mailbox.15 (138 KiB) SojurnerSojurner.16 (66 KiB) Warning for dangerous booksWarning for dangerous books.17 (12.9 KiB) No ChristNo Christ.18 (22.5 KiB) 21st Century Classroom21st Century Classroom.19 (233 KiB) BG BorgBG Borg.20 (7.31 KiB)

New Year's snow 2001:
New Years Snow 2001.1 (11.5 KiB) New Years Snow 2001.2 (14.5 KiB) New Years Snow 2001.3 (9.45 KiB) New Years Snow 2001.4 (6.75 KiB) New Years Snow 2001.5 (17.6 KiB) New Years Snow 2001.6 (26 KiB)