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[German Kaiser Wilhelm II, speech, 1891]
"Who is more godless than I, that I may rejoice in his teachings?" [Nietzsche]
"John Wesley said that if you give up the witchcraft, you must give up the Bible. He is right. The choice is easy for me." [Rupert Hughes]
"In the end all your knees will bow to Jesus Christ whether you want to or not." [Kevin Tebedo, Director of Colorado for Family Values to an audience composed of various religions (Citizens Project Newsletter, August 1993)
"This message was composed entirely from recycled words and phrases using only renewable, caffeinated energy sources. No trees or whales died in the process."
"Hence from all we have hitherto said, it is clear beloved Catholics that we cannot approve the opinions which some [Protestants, Jews, and other heretics] comprise under the head of Americanism [freedom]." [Pope Leo XIII, "Great Encyclical Letters",252]
"HAL 9000: Put down those Windows disks. Dave. DAVE!"
"If the lord had meant us to have faith, he'd have given us lobotomies." [Zlatko]
"Attaching a Creator to the boundary is metaphysical skullduggery." Taner Edis, Is Anybody Out There?
"Man is the product of causes which had no prevision of the end they were achieving; his origin, his growth, his hopes and fears, his loves and beliefs, are but the outcome of accidental collocations of atoms; no fire, no heroism, no intensity of thought and feeling, can preserve an individual life beyond the grave." [Bertrand Russell, "Why I Am Not a Christian"]
"The priest is the personification of falsehood." [Guiseppi Garibaldi]
"Hell is an outrage on humanity. When you tell me that your Deity made you in his own image, I reply that he must have been very ugly." [Victor Hugo]
"The Christian Bible is a drug store. It's contents have remained the same but the medical practice continues. For 1,800 years these changes were slight--scarcely noticeable... The dull and ignorant physician day and night, and all the days and all the nights, drenched his patient with vast and hideous doses of the most repulsive drugs to be found in the store's stock... He kept him religion sick for eighteen centuries, and allowed him not a well day during all that time." ["Mark Twain and the Three R's, by Maxwell Geismar, p.107]
"The whole conception of God is a conception derived from the ancient Oriental despotisms. It is a conception quite unworthy of free men. When you hear people in church debasing themselves and saying that they are miserable sinners, and all the rest of it, it seems contemptible and not worthy of self-respecting human beings. We ought to stand up and look the world frankly in the face. We ought to make the best we can of the world, and if it is not so good as we wish, after all it will still be better than what these others have made of it in all these ages. A good world needs knowledge, kindliness, and courage; it does not need a regretful hankering after the past, or a fettering of the free intelligence by the words uttered long ago by ignorant men." -- Bertrand Russell
"The argument that the literal story of Genesis can qualify as science collapses on three major grounds: the creationists' need to invoke miracles in order to compress the events of the earth's history into the biblical span of a few thousand years; their unwillingness to abandon claims clearly disproved, including the assertion that all fossils are products of Noah's flood; and their reliance upon distortion, misquote, half-quote, and citation out of context to characterize the ideas of their opponents." [Stephen Jay Gould, "The Verdict on Creationism", The Skeptical Inquirer, Winter 87/88, pg. 186]
"I do not believe in immortality of the individuals and I consider ethics to be an exclusively human concern with no superhuman authority behind it." --Albert Einstein
"There is in every village a torch - the teacher; and an extinguisher- the clergyman." [Victor Hugo]
"Religion, throughout the greater part of its history, has been a form of "holy" terrorism. It still aims its terrors at men, but modern realism and the spread of popular enlightenment has progressively robbed those terrors of their old-fashioned effectiveness. Wherever men take religion very seriously -- wherever there is devout belief -- there is also the inseparable feeling of fear." [E. Haldeman-Julius, "The Meaning Of Atheism"]
"All the meanness, all the revenge, all the selfishness, all the cruelty, all the hatred, all the infamy of which the heart of man is capable, grew, blossomed and bore fruit in this one word, Hell." [Ingersoll]
"Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think." -- Niels Bohr

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