Lloyd family history
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(Reference: Geneological Records Committee, National Society Daughters of American Revolution -- National File No. 290432 -- David Hamilton)

  This great historical family is known to be of English origin. The name is taken from some of the English Manors called HAMILTON is Leichestershire, Yorkshire, or Hampshire. The common ancestor of the Hamilton's was Sir Gilbert de Hameldono, younger son of Robert II, (1104-1168) 1st Earl of Liechester in England, who was the son of Robert de Beaumont (1046-1118) Earl of Knolam. Sir Gilbert was Count of Mellent in Normandy by the daughter of Hugh, Count of Ormandies, son of Henry I of France. From Sir Gilbert de Hameldono, Earl of Leichester, the line goes back to Barnard, brother of Rollo I, Duke of Normandy. He lived during the reign of Alexander II, King of Scotland (1214-1249). His son Sir Walter Fitz-Gilbert de Hameldono (d.1346) was married to Isabella Randolph, sister of Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray. He had two sons: Walter and John I. In 1292, he was granted may estates in Scotland and he was the common ancestor of the Scottish and Irish branches of the Hamiltons. His grandson, Sir David Hamilton of Cadzow, who died prior to 1392, was the first of the family to assume the surname of Hamilton.

  John I married Mary, daughter of Sir Adam Gordon, by whom he had two sons: Sir David Hamilton of Cadzow and John II. John Hamilton II was the father of Sir Alexander Hamilton of Innerwick, who married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Stewart. Sir John Hamilton III, succeeded his father before 1392 and married Janet Douglas, daughter of Sir James Douglas of Dalkleth, ancestor of the Earl of Merton by the Lady Agnes Dunbar, daughter of Patrick IX, Earl of March and Dunbar. He was descended maternally and paternally from the Royal Family of Scotland through the sister and aunt of Sir Robert Bruce.

  James Hamilton I, son of John Hamilton III and Janet Douglas, married Janet Livingstone, daughter of Sir Alexander Livingstone of Calonder. They had issue: James II (his heir), Alexander, Gavin, and Mary, who was the wife of William of Keith. Sir James Hamilton II (1415-1479) was created 1st Baron Hamilton. He married into the powerful Douglas Family, which he supported in renouncing allegiance to the Scottish Crown in 1453. The following year, however, he deserted the cause, and in 1469 he married, as his second wife, Mary, the eldest daughter of James II of Scotland and the widow of Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arram. James, 2nd Baron Hamilton (1477-1529), was created Earl of Arram in 1503 and played an important part in public affairs during the minority of James V, of Scotland.

  Alexander Hamilton II, son of James I and Janet Livingstone, was the ancestor of the Hamiltons of Silverton Hill and the Hamiltons of Newton, which after the Family of Abercon, were the nearest to the Ducal House. From the family of Abercon, the Pennsylvania Hamiltons are directly descended and came to America from Tyrone County, Ireland about 1730.

  James Hamilton (1515-1575), 2nd Earl of Arram, eldest son of James, 1st Earl of Arram, became protector of the realm following the death of James V in 1542; he was also tutor to the young Queen Mary until 1554. In 1549 he recieved the duchy of Chatelherault, in France, after reluctantly agreeing to the betrothal of Mary to Francis, the French Dauphin. James Hamilton (1530-1609) 3rd Earl of Arram, eldest son of the second Earl, was chosen by Henry VIII to become the husband of Princess Elizabeth but his father planned that he should marry Mary, Queen of Scots. He showed signs of insanity in 1562 and was confined in Edinburgh Castle until 1566. His estates were administered by his brother, John Hamilton (1532-1604), who became head of the house on the death of thier father in 1575 and was created marquis on 1599.

  Claud Hamilton (1543-1622), 4th son of James, 2nd Earl of Arram and Duke of Chatelherault, was known as Lors Claud Hamilton; he was created Baron of Paisley in 1587. He married Margaret. daughter of Geroge VI, Lord Seaton. They had five sons. Three of these sons settled in Ireland. James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Abercon (1575-1618) was the eldest son of Claud Hamilton, Lord Paisley. He was made High Sheriff of Smithgow in 1600. He recieved large grants of land in both Scotland and Ireland. He was created Baron of Abercon in 1603. In 1608 he was made Earl of Abercon and Baron Hamilton, Mount Castle and Kilpatrick. He married Marion, daughter of Thomas V, Lord Boyd, They left five sons. The eldest son was James (1604-1670) 2nd Earl of Abercon. This line goes up to the present, James, 4th Duke of Abercon. The second son was George Hamilton, Baron of Strabane. His eldest son, John, was created a Baronet in 1665. Baaron John Hamilton married Lady Jane Caven of Dublin, Ireland. They came to America about 1730, and settled in Pennsylvania. Sir William (1710-1784) and Mary Bitener (1712-1784) died in Washington County, Pennsylvania. They had the following children: John, Samuel, DAVID, Daniel, Marion, Alexander, Mary, Claud, James, and Thomas. Sir William and his four sons: John, Sumuel, DAVID, and Daniel served in the Pennsylvania Militia in the American Revolution in 1776.

  David Hamilton (born in Little York, Pennsylvania, died in 1822 in York District, South Carolina), married Elizabeth Harrington (b. in Little York, Pennsylvania and d. 1824, York District, South Carolina).
  Children: James, Catherine, David, Alexander, Daniel, Claud, JOHN, William, Elizabeth, Andrew, George.

  John Hamilton (b. 1772 in York, South Carolina, d. 1845, Marshall County, Mississipi) married Melvina Brown in 1792 (b. 1774 in Union, South Carolina, d. 1795 in Union, South Carolina).
  Children: ANDREW (b. Mar. 2, 1794) married Delilah Smith (b.1798 in South Carolina), Melvina b. 1795 in South Carolina, never married).
  In 1795, John Hamilton married Nellie Turner.
    Children: David, married Causada McCollough; Mary, married Hugh Walker; Jane, married Hugh Ley; John, married Mary Martin; Elvira, married Joseph Geyton Smith (first cousin of Delilah); Melina, never married; Lavina, never married; Elizabeth, married John Dann.

  The title of Abercon held by the head of the Hamilton Family became a Marquisate in 1790 and a Dukedom in 1868.
        Claud Hamilton I, Lord Paisley , born in 1545
        James Hamilton I, Earl of Abercon, born in 1575
        George Hamilton II, Baron Hamilton, born in 1615
        John Hamilton, Baron Hamilton, born in 1645
        William Hamilton, Sir, born in 1710
        David Hamilton, Mr., born in 1748
        John Hamilton, Mr., born in 1772
        Andrew Hamilton, Mr., born in 1794

  Andrew Hamilton (b. Mar. 2, 1794 in Union, South Carolina, d. Feb. 18, 1859 in Rusk County, Texas, buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetary). Married Delilah Smith, Spartaburg, South Carolina. Delilah Smith (b. Dec. 1798-d. Sept. 2, 1867 in Texas. Buried at Pleasant Hill).
    Children: Emeline, married James N. Brown, who surveyed Rusk County.
             They had one daughter, Amanda. She is buried at Pleasant Hill.
Children of Andrew and Delilah Hamilton:

James Smith Hamilton married Amanda Howze.
  Children: Dora; Bell; Fannie; Robert

Pamelia Hamilton married James Monroe Lloyd (Charles' Grandfather)
  Children: Andrew Hamilton Lloyd; Emory Lloyd II (Charles' Father)

Frankie, married John Grigsby. No children.

Mary -- first marriage, Rev. David Neville
        Children: Andrew; Young
     -- second marriage, Judge John Platon.
        Children: David; Fannie

Anne, married O.P. (Dub) Coats.
  Children: Dee; Will; Frankie; James; Claud; Till

Young Harrington (Rev.) -- first marriage, Marth J. Coats
                           Children: Bob Daniel; Wick; Mettawee;
                        -- second marriage, Mary E. Smith (daughter of Joseph Guyton and Elvira Hamilton Smith)
                           Children: Dick; Bulah; Maggie; Mollie; Ralph; Dollie; Young Harrington;

Martha Rose (died in infancy).

Dr. Andrew Hamilton married Alethe Smith (Not related to Joseph Guyton and Delilah), She was related to Robert W. Smith, who gave the land for the Pleasent Hill Cemetary.
  Children: Augusta; Walter; Frank; Jennie; Flint; Ernest; Andrew;

Any of the family who wants to join the D.A.R., will find the line established. Ancester, David Hamilton of South Carolina. National Number is 290432. The for the Sons and Daughters of the Republic of Texas is also established through Andrew Hamilton.

Andrew Hamilton served as Captain of a Company designated as Captain Andrew Hamilton's Company of Infantry, South Carolina Volunteers, War of 1812. The records show also that he served in Captain Thomas White's Company, First Regiment, South Carolina Militia. Four of Andrew's sons served in the CIVIL WAR from Rusk County, Texas.

Andrew Hamilton and General James Smith with thier families moved to Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1825. Andrew married Delilah Smith (sister of James Smith) in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She was a first cousin of the first Province Governor of Texas, Henry Smith. In 1836, Andrew Hamilton, his wife, and nine children came to Texas to join General James Smith and his family in Nacogdoches County. Later they moved to Rusk County near Henderson, Texas where he owned 1000 Acres of land. They lived to rear nine children to maturity and helped them to get settled in thier own homes in Rusk County. He and Delilah and several of thier children and grandchildren are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetary.

General James smith was married to Hannah Parker in 1816. They had ten children. When Rusk County was created in 1843, Smith, who had settled on the site of Henderson in 1836 offered to donate 69 acres of land for the proposed County Seat. He represented Rusk County in the Texas House of Representatives Feb. 16, 1846 to Dec. 13, 1847. The tomb of Smith and his wife is located at the forks of South Main Street, Henderson, Texas.



  Emory Lloyd I was born in Montecello, Jasper County, Georgia in 1787. He was five feet nine inches tall, light complexioned, blue eyes, and brown hair. He served in the war of 1812 from Aug. 7, 1814 to Feb. 7, 1815. He was stationed at Fort Hawkins, Georgia. In February 1815, he was given an honorable discharge. He was married to Flora Brown on Aug. 10, 1816, by Esquire Williams in Jackson County, Georgia. Flora's brother, Taylor Brown Sr. and her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth (Brown) Melton attended the wedding. Flora (Brown) Lloyd was born in 1798 in Georgia. Her father was born in England. Emory and Flora moved to Alabama, where sis children were born. Later they moved to Mississippi and then to Texas about 1844. Thier names appear on the Texas census for 1850. Emory Lloyd I died Sept. 30, 1863. Flora died in 1886. They are buried in the Lloyd Cemetary located on the Chas. E. Lloyd farm five miles NW of Henderson, Texas.

  *1. James Monroe (1823-1866), m. Pamelia Hamilton (1833-1857) in 1850.
      **1. Andrew Hamilton Lloyd (1852-1923), m. Mittie L. Roach (1872-1958) on June 28, 1891.
          ***1. Amack Dubose (1893-1965)
             2. Andrew Hamilton (1894-1917)
             3. Mary Pamelia (1896-)
             4. Flora Mae (1898-)
             5. Mabel Mittie (1900-1969)
             6. James Monroe (1905-), m. Caroline Frances Wilson in 1859
             7. Robert Emory (1908-)
        2. Emory Lloyd II (1854-1923), m. Siddie Davis (1859-1940) in 1880
          ***1. Rachel Pamelia (1881-1970)
             2. Infant died at birth (1883)
             3. Werdna (1884-1967)
             4. Martha Flora (1886-1969)
             5. James William (1888-)
             6. Edith Maurine (1890-)
             7. Emory III (1891-)
             8. Lillian Imogene (1893-1969)
             9. Sidney Davis (1895-1965)
             10. Joe Graham (1896-1918)
             11. Chas. Ernest (1898-)
             12. Infant died at birth (1900)
   James Monroe married Caroline Frances Wilson in 1859
        3. Flora Elizabeth (1860), m. A Parks Hogue, Young County.
        4. James Monroe, Jr. (1862)
   2. Flora Elizabeth Lloyd (1828-1863). m. Joseph Johnson (1810-1858) in 1847
      **1. Eli Johnson (1846-1882), Joseph's son by a former marriage.
        2. Flora (1849-1908), m. George Washington Sartain (1842-1911) in 1863.
          ***1. Joseph (1869)
             2. Emma (1872)
             3. George Emory (1873)
             4. Mary Elizabeth (1875)
             5. Richard (1878)
             6. John Grayson (1880)
             7. Grover (1883)
             8. Robort Lee (1886)
             9. Jessie Bell (1888)
             10. Fannie (1891)
         3. Joseph, Jr. (1851-1868)
         4. A.P. (Gus) b, 1855, m. Emma Brown. They are buried at Pleasant Hill
          ***1. Roy, died in St. Louis
             2. Pitt, died in Arizona
             3. Charlie Wright, lives at Rt. 1, Box 3659, Splendora,Tex.
        5. Fannie, b. 1856, m. M.B. Coats in 1887, Wood County
          ***1. Jim Coats
             2. Walter Coats
             They live at Winnsboro.
      6. Elizabeth (Eliza) Johnson (1859-1940), m. Charlie P. Brown (1849-1921). They are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetary.
   3. Celia Lloyd (1832), m. Marcus H. Cansler in 1848
      **1. Laura M. Cansler, born in Texas 1849
   4. Harriet Ann Lloyd (1834), m. H.A. Dubose, M.D. in 1857
   5. Thomas Brown Lloyd (1836-1889), m. Mary Josephine Hall (1839-1878) Jones in 1869.
      **1. Cassie B. Jones (1859) -- step daughter
        2. Margaret F. Jones (1862) -- step daughter
        3. Thomas Edwin Lloyd (1871-1876)
        4. Two unnamed infant sons
   6. William Emory Lloyd (1843), m. Martha Gaston on 1861

James Monroe Lloyd was married to Pamelia Hamilton, March 18, 1850 by Rev. K.O. Watkins, a Cumberland Presbyterian minister. Pamelia was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee, on Dec. 31, 1833. She came to Texas at the age of four with her parents, Andrew and Delilah (Smith) Hamilton, She died in Rusk County on Aug. 22, 1857 and is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetary. She had two sons: Andrew Hamilton Lloyd and Emory Lloyd II. After her death, James M. married Caroline Wilson on July 4, 1859. Caroline was born in Georgia on Jan. 6, 1835 and died Oct. 2, 1909. She is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetary in Graham, Texas. They had two children: Flora Elizabeth Lloyd, who married A. Parks Hogue and lives in Young County, and James Monroe Lloyd, Jr. Who lives in the Long Hollow Community, Jack County, Texas. James Monroe, Sr. died around 1866 and is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetary.

The 1860 census of Angelina County lists Thomas Brown Lloyd, age 23, as an Attorney-at-law in Lufkin, Texas. He joined the Confederate Army on Sept. 16, 1861. His organization was 3rd Texas Cavalry from Rusk County. His company officer was Capt. H.D.E. Redwine and his commanding officer was Col. M.F. Locke. He did his training at Camp Flourney, Wood County, Texas. His personal equipment was a gun - $25.00; horse - $140.00; wagon and mules - $900.00; tent - $200.00; and camping equipment - $71.10. On one occaision he drove 70 miles without rest. T.B. Lloyd was promoted to 2nt Lt. T.B. Lloyd on Aug. 22, 1863, Co. E, 10 Regiment Texas Cavalry. He was taken Prisoner of War, July 19, 1864 and sent to New York State. He was released June 12, 1865 near  Rodney, Miss.

William Emory Lloyd joined the Confederate Army, Aug. 17, 1863. His organization was Company A. Cavalry, 4th Batallion. He transferred to Co. C, 4th Regiment, Arizona Brigade. His commanding officer was Capt. J.Q. Adams and Company Officer was Sgt. Major Ernest Weigle.


Emory Lloyd II was the son of James Monroe Lloyd and Pamelia Hamilton Lloyd. He was born July 29, 1854 and died Dec. 8, 1923. He was a graduate of Trinity University, Waxahatchie, Texas and taught school for many years in East Texas. His mother died when he was three years old and his father died when he was approximately eleven years old. After his fathers death he lived with his grandmother, Flora Brown Lloyd. On Dec. 23, 1880 he married Siddie Davis. She was the daughter of William Preston Davis and Rachel Carr Davis. Her mother died when she was very young and she was raised by "Ma Lindsey", who was her step-grandmother. She was born Dec. 31, 1859 and died Jan. 6, 1940. They had twelve children but two of them died in infancy and are buried at Black Jack Cemetary, Rusk County, Texas. One son, Joe Graham Lloyd, was killed in France on Nov. 11, 1918, one hour before the Armistice was signed. He and his parents are buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetary, Rusk County, Texas.

  *1. RACHEL Pamelia, b. Nov. 19 1881, m. M.V. Sharp (May 7, 1885), died 1970
      **1. William Earl Sharp, b. Aug 24, 1910, m. Mary Will John (1919)
          ***1. Rachel Myra, died at birth Jan. 21, 1947
             2. John Earl, b. Dec. 29, 1950
             3. James Willia, b. Oct. 3, 1952
   2. Infant son died at birth in 1883. Buried at Black Jack Cemetary
   3. WERDNA, b. March 12, 1884, m. James Christian Rogers in 1905 (1883-1959)
      **1. Emory LLOYD, b. Sept. 1906, m. Ara Barber on Feb 14, 1935
          ***1. Elizabeth Ann, b. Sept. 7, 1936
             2. Emory Morgan, b. Jan 13, 1938, m. Linda Jennings
         2. JAMES Virgil, b. June 12, 1908, m. Sammie M. Weatherly (July 28, 1912) on Nov. 13, 1937
         3. Murray Howard (1910-1956)
         4. Finis Edwin, m. Lois Anderson
         5. Douglas Christian, m. Dorothy Ferguson
         6. Mack Thornton, b. May 5, 1918, m. Jessie Mae Taylor
         7. Mary Lois, m. Fred Miller
   4. MARTHA Flora, b. March 8, 1886, m. Clifton L. Crim (May 1, 1887) on Dec. 22, 1090, d. DEC 1969
      **1. Julia Mary, b. Jan 11, 1911, m. Rhode P. Craig, Aug 1, 1931
          ***1. Paul Crim, b. Jan 5, 1932, m. Linda Sue Billingsley, Dec. 24, 1962
             2. Donald Lee, b. Oct. 4, 1917, m. Helen Walk
              ****1. Don Wayne
                  2. Darrell Lee
             3. Roy Clifton, b. Sept. 28, 1919, m. Frances Goodlet
             4. Preston Manly, b. Feb 15, 1926, m. Donna Bell Richards
              ****1. Judy
                  2. Rodney
   5. James William, b. July 22, 1888, m. Lena Brown (Dec. 2, 1889-May 1, 1967)
  **1. Harris, b. Nov. 4, 1914, m. Violet Weaver
      ***1. Roger
        2. Linda
        3. Jerry
        4. Ralph
        2. James Howard, b. March 4, m. Dorothy Hall Williams
          ***1. Judy
             2. Kathy
             3. Jamie
        3. Margaret, b. Oct. 22, 1922, m. Chas. A, Morris
          ***1. Mike
             2. Patti
             3. Dale
   4 Dale, b. 1928, m. May Prichard
   6. Edith Maurine, b. March 23, 1890, m. William Walker King (1888-1958)
  **1. Travis Winston (1911-1940), m. Millie Patton on March 8, 1838
          ***1. Elizabeth Fay, b. Nov. 3, 1938. m. Telmago Self on June
             1. 1956.
              ****1. Donna Lois
                  2. Hank W.
                  3. Dana Leigh
             2. Travis Earline, b. July 28, 1949, m. Jerry Gipson
              ****1. Tod Gipson (1963)
                  2. Ola Suzette (1966)
                  3. Ty Edward (1969)
   2. Sybil Elizabeth, b. Nov. 4, 1914, m. Dan Dickeson, Jan. 12, 1934
          ***1. Joyce Daneen Dickeson (1956), m. Charles Dean, March 20, 1959
              ****1. Emily Patrice, May 27, 1960
                  2. Dan Christian, b. Mar 15, 1962
                  3. Micheal Andrew, b. Sept. 21, 1968
             2. Gaines Winston (Dec. 4, 1940-April 7, 1963)
        3. Joe Graham, b. March 12, 1919, m. Hazel Carlton
          ***1. Charlsey Jo b. Sept. 6, 1944, m. Wayne Tipps, Dec. 1961
              ****1. Toby, b. April 14, 1963 m. Edward Lee on May 24, 1969
             2. Kathy, b. Oct. 13 1948, m. Randy Bryan, June 7, 1969
              ****1. Kevin, b. Feb 26, 1970
          Joe Graham married Rebecca Bert, Nov. 24, 1950
               3. They adopted Nellie Sue when she was 4 years old, b. Nov. 24, 1955
   7. Emory Lloyd III, b. Oct. 3, 1891, m. Annie Vinson (Sept. 7, 1901)
      **1. Mary Emily, b. July 1, 1925, d. March 18, 1937 (New London)
        2. Kenneth Howard, b. Dec. 4, 1929, m. Dona Lee Hyer, May 27, 1952
          ***1. Mark
   8. Lillian Imogene, b. April 2, 1893, m. Virgil A. Harris (d. 1969)
   9. Sidney Davis Lloyd (1895-1965). m. Hortense Leah Motley on Aug. 5, 1923
      **1. Rachel Alice, b. March 1, 1925, m. Tom Watson
        2. Robert Motley, b. March 24, 1928, m. Joan Kelley Baker
            ***1. Don Lloyd Baker
               2. Kelley
   10. Joe Graham Lloyd, b. April 7, 1896, d. Nov. 11, 1918 in France
   11. Charles Ernest Lloyd, b. June 13, 1898, m. Addie Mae Curbo (July 12, 1904) on Sept. 3, 1945.
   12. Infant died at birth in April 1900. Buried at Black Jack Cemetary.


The original millers came from Ireland Because of religious beliefs. There were three brothers -- John, Andrew, and James. They landed in Pennsylvania but the time is not remembered. They migrated to South Carolina, Virginia, and one brothers destination was not certain. We are the descendants of John Miller, who went to South Carolina. He was the father of General Andrew Miller, who was born in Abbeville District, S.C.. Later he moved to Georgia and married a Mrs. Crawford, whose maiden name was Miss Cherry. She was a Huguenot, who came from France because of the persecutions of the Huguenots. General Andrew Miller was General of the Georgia Militia and faught in the war of 1812. There is a bill of sale for "Old Grant" to grandma and grandpa Cherry, which was writtenby Mr. Crawford. "Old Grant" was little Andrew's bodyguard. To this union was born:
  *1. John C. Miller, who was our grandfather
   2. Dr. A.J.S. Miller, He was killed in Waco, Texas
   3. Dr. H.V.M. Miller, who was Dean of the Atlanta Medical College for 15 years
   4. Mary I. Miller, who was our grandmother

   Grandpa John C. Miller was married twice. His first wife was a Thompson. To this union were born:
      **1. W.A. Miller
        2. Josephine
        3. Emily, who married Mattison Barton
        4. Henry L. Miller, our father
      To the second marriage were born:
        5. Homer Miller
        6. Lula Miller

   Grandmother Carr. who was Mary I. Miller (b. 1823 in Georgia) married John C. Carr (b. 1819 in Georgia), whose people came from England. To this union were born:
      **1. Siddie B. Carr
        2. Rachel Carr (1843-1863)
        3. Florence
        4. Andrew

        Rachel Carr (1843) married Wm. Preston Davis (b. 1835)
          ***1. Siddie Davis (1859-1940) married Emory Lloyd II (1854-1923)
              ****1. Rachel
                  2. Infant died at birth
                  3. Werdna
                  4. Jim
                  5. Martha
                  6. Maurine
                  7. Lillian
                  8. Emory III
                  9. Sidney
                  10. Joe Graham
                  11. Charles E.
                  12. Infant died at birth

        Siddie B. Carr married Henry L. Miller. To this union were born:
          ***1. Daisy M. Miller
             2. Florence
             3. Andrew
             4. H.C. Miller
             5. Kenneth C. Miller

This report was written by K.C. Miller and tells how they are related to Siddie Davis Lloyd. Thier grande-father on the fathers side and grandmother on the mothers side were brother and sister.
John Lloyd
John Lloyd b. 25 Dec 1704 in London, England. Mar. 1742 Orange Co., Virginia to Prudence Emery, b. abt 1723.
  Their children:
   1. Thomas Lloyd b. 2 Oct 1744 Calmes' Neck, Frederick Co., Vir. d. 1 Dec 1805 Frederick Co., Vir. Spouse - Patience McCracken mar 1763 Frederick Co., Vir.
   2. John Lloyd b. 27 Feb 1747 Calmes' Neck, Frederick Co., Vir. d. 1785 Spouse 1 - Sarah "Sally" Stuard mar. 1767. Spouse 2 - Sarah Smith, mar 16 Apr 1783.
   3. Alcey Lloyd, b. 29 Jan 1749. Spouse John Williams.
   4. James Lloyd, b. 1752, d bef 1830. Spouse - Mary "Polly" Stuard mar 1774.
   5. Lydia Lloyd, b. 1755 Spouse John Loyde
   6. George Emery Lloyd, b. 1758 d. 1853 Spouse - Nancy Ann Brown mar 1787.
   7. Joseph Lloyd, b. 1761 d. 1848, Spouse - Frances "Fanny" Brown mar 1797.
Additional notes:
A seventh generation descendent of John and Prudence, John W. Lloyd claimed, on the basis of family tradition, that the family originally came from Cardiff, Glomorganshier, Wales. John's father was from Wales hence the reason of using the "LL" in the spelling of our name. He had two older brothers, Joseph and Phillip, one a watch and clock maker, the other a printer. John was bound, at a young age, as an apprentice to a boot and shoe maker and aspired to become a master craftsman in this trade. He married without the permission of his employer, to whom he was bound as an apprentice, and therefore could not become a master craftsman but would work his life as a journeyman. He had a child by this marriage, however his wife and child died suddenly. It is thought that John Lloyd came to America as an indentured prisoner convicted of the theft of several shoemaker's tools. His punishment was 14 Years of indentured service in America. He was shipped aboard the ship Rappahannock, under the command of Charles Whale, on 10 Mar 1727, bound for Maryland along with fellow prisoners, 7 men and 1 woman.

Nothing more is known about John until his marriage to Prudence Emrey in Orange County, Va, in 1742. This would be 16 years after his conviction in England. John Lloyd served in the Frederick County Militia in the 1750s. At a Vestry meeting in November 1767 John was appointed "Reader" of the parish of Frederick of the Church of England at McKays Chapel, His salary was 6 pounds per year. He served in that capacity again in 1768 and 1769. A Vestry of 27 Nov 1772 John Lloyd was exempted from payment of parish levies, which might indicate that he was too old or too feeble to work. John would have been 68 in 1772.

All of John Lloyd's 5 sons server either in the Continental Army or the Minute Men Militia during the Revolutionary War. While the manner of his coming to America is questionable, he is thought to have been a productive and respected member of the Frederick County community, living most of his adult life there. His appointment as Reader at McKays Chapel is indicative of the esteem in which he was held by the community, and shows that he was a devoted member of the Church of England.

Sources: (Robert Lloyd 865 Holland St., Lakewood Col. 80215) 1. Dr. Oliver Cornelius Weaver, Jr. book. "Descendants of John and Prudence (Emery) Lloyd, Their descendants, and Some Allied Families". Published and distributed by Dr. Weaver 1229 Greensboro Road West, Birmingham, Al. 35208. Library of Congress Catalog Card # 90-70996
2. Ibib. This book contains details about the John Lloyd family and descendants.
3. Vestry Book of Frederick Parish, Frederick County, Virginia, Church of England. Microfilm, Virginia Satiate Library, Richmond, Va. 1746-1818 page 23 (35), 30 (41), and 34 (45).
4. Treasure Money Books, Public Record office, London. T 53/33 page 296-297 gives details of the ship and prisoners transported to America.
5. Peter Wilson Coldham. English Convicts in Colonial America, Vol..II, London 1656-1775. New Orleans: Ploanthos, 1976. Page 93 includes the name of John Lloyd, sentenced February, transported March 1727 on the ship Rappahanock.
6. Josephine Perkins Moore. "A Brief History of Our Lloyd Family". Rs Moore 1985, revised 1988. This book is about John Lloyd and some of his descendants.
7. Virginia Militia. Courts Martial Record, Frederick Co. Sept 2, 1755. John Lloyd is fined seven shillings and six pence or seventy five pounds of tobacco for absenting himself from one general muster within the last twelve months. More than 100 other men were similarly fined for missing muster the same day. It is believed that these men chose to stay and protect their families from the Indian uprisings during the summer of 1755, after General Braddock's defeat in July, rather than depend on the malitia for such protection.
8. Old Bailey Court Record. Old Bailey Session Papers Jan. 1726-Oct. 1927. Located in the Guildhall library, London, England. The case of John Lloyd is recorded in the Old Bailey Session Papers.

James Lloyd
James Lloyd, b. 1752, d bef 1830. Spouse - Mary "Polly" Stuard mar 1774. Their children:
   1. Lydia Lloyd
   2. Rachael Lloyd
   3. Sarah (Sally) Lloyd
   4. Frances Lloyd
   5. George Lloyd
   6. John Lloyd
   7. Thomas Lloyd
   8. James Lloyd
   9. Emory Lloyd
Additional notes about James Lloyd:
  James Lloyd and his brother John lived in Pittsylvania Co. Va. where in 1775, in addition to sending it's quota of men for service in Contential Army, contributed more than one hundred men to the local militia of five hundred minutemen, which formed a battalion in the military district, comprised of Pittsylvania, Henry and two neighboring counties. All free male persons between the ages of eighteen and fifty were required to enlist. Members of these units furnished their own weapons, drilled every two weeks and participated in a general muster every April and October. James was then 22 years old. Both James and John participated in a decisive battle on 15 March 1781 at Guilford Court House, Va.., against Cornwallis British troops, Cornwallis retreated to the east coast and eventually to Yorktown when Cornwallis surrendered. In 1784 James moved with his family and his brother John to Georgia, where he received 200 acres in Wilkes Co., as a result of his service in the Revolutionary War.

Sources: (Robert Lloyd 865 Holland St, Lakewood, Co. 80215) 24. Virginia Tax List, Virginia State Library, Archives Dept., Richmond, Virginia. June 10, 1773 Pittsylvania Co. I tithe page 69 col. 3, Crispin Shelton's list.
25. Georgia Tax List. 1804 Clarke Co. Captain Pail William's District, shown as owner of 250 acres on Lane's Creek of the Apalache River.
26. Dr. Oliver Cornelius Weaver, Jr. book. "Descendants of John and Prudence (Emery) Lloyd, Their descendants, and Some Allied Families". Published and distributed by Dr. Weaver 1229 Greensboro Road West, Birmingham, Al. 35208. Library of Congress Catalog Card # 90-70996. Page 71 gives details.
27. "The Wilkes Co.Papers 1773-1833". Pages 293-294 gives details of the Headright Grant Act of 1783.
28. Georgia Federal Census. 1820 Jasper Co. James as over 45 with 1 female over 45.
29. Georgia Land Records. Oct 3, 1784 Wilkes Co. Land Book H, page 104, records a 200 acre Headright Grant #195. Confirmed by Governor Edward Telfaur on 20 July 1786. Aug 14, 1811 Randolph co. (which later became Jasper Co.) purchased 202-1/2 acres, Lot 71, District 18, on Rock Creek for $400.00.
30. Mary Bondurant Warren. "Chronicles of wilkes Co.. Georgia". Page 14 a photostat of the Headright Grant Act of 1783.This Jan 2, 1786 document of the Willis Coc. Land Court shows James Lloyd receiving a 287-1/2 acre warrant for bounty lands as a result of his Revolutionary War Service

Emory Lloyd
Since you already have most of the same information I have about Emory and his descendants I shall just include information about his wife, Flora Brown's family.
William Brown
William Brown born 1687 in Londonderry, Ireland. Mar 1731 in Ireland to Margaret Flemming. D.1757 in Rowan, NC.
    1. Frances Brown
    2. David Brown
    3. Elizabeth Brown
    4. Joseph Sr. Brown
    5. William Brown
    6. James Brown
    7. Jane Brown

Joseph Brown Sr.
Joseph Brown Sr. born 1731 in Londonderry, Ireland. Mar. 1756 to Mary Porter. Died 1815 in Anderson, Sc.
  Their children:
    1.Jane Brown
    2. William Brown
    3. Hugh Brown
    4. Margaret Brown
    7. Violet Brown
    8. Elizabeth Brown
    9. David Brown
    10. Mary Brown
    11. George Brown
    12. Francis Brown
Additional notes about Joseph Brown Sr.
  Notes for JOSEPH BROWNS:
Excerpt from the book "Pendleton District And Anderson County, South Carolina, Wills, Estates, Inventories, Tax Returns" by Alexander, Elliott and Widie

Will of Joseph Brown
Pg 167- (Will is actually six pages long, but pages between 167 and 168 are unnumbered)

Of Broadmouth Creek, Pendleton District, planter, aged 78 years or thereabouts.
  Wife Mary. Son David. Wife to have among other things, 1/13 share with children. Son David to care for his mother and is to have tract of 400 acres on Broadmouth where I now live. Also land purchased from William Reed on Broad Mouth. Also land whereon Thomas Crow formerly lived on south fork of Broad Mouth. Son James to have 140 acres on south fork of Broad Mouth where he now lives, also part of land where Thomas Crow formerly lived. To my daughter Fanny Lester, negro girls Suck and Kate. I have on the marriages of my children William Brown, Hugh Brown, Joseph Brown, Deceased, Margaret, wife of Benjamin Starrit, Violet, wife of William Reed, Elizabeth, wife of James Reese, Mary wife of James Duff, Jane wife of John Hall, and Fanny wife of Moses Lester advanced and promoted their interest respectively in life, as far as my circumstances admit of. I have been of great expense in the education of my son George A. Brown. The above named children or the children of my deceased son Joseph not entitled to any other share of my estate than an equal 1/13 of the residue mentioned. William Brown the eldest son of Joseph, deceased, shall draw lot for his brothers and sisters except for my granddaughter Mary Brown who now lives with me and for whom I have provided separately. Granddaughter Mary Brown, (Daughter of son Joseph,, dec'd) to have negro girl Violet. Jemimah the widow of son Joseph Brown. Executors: Sons Hugh and David and friend and neighbor Robert Telford. Dated 17 Jan. 1810. No probate date.

Wit.: Aaron Broyles, (Signed) Joseph Brown
 Benjamin Bowen
 James Harkin

Residence: 1810, 400 acres on Broadmouth Creek, Pendleton Dist., South Carolina Will: Pendleton District, South Carolina ( no probate)

David Brown
David Brown born 1772 Guilford, NC. Mar abt 1795 to Elizabeth Taylor. Died 1851 in Rusk Co., Texas. Believed to be buried in Lloyd Cemetery, near Henderson, Tx.
  Their children:
    1. Flora Brown
    2. David B. Brown
    3. Taylor Brown
    4. Sarah K. Brown
    5. Franklin B. Brown
    6. William
    7. Elizabeth Brown
    8. Maty Brown
Additional notes about David Brown:
  From History of Rusk Co., Texas:
David brown fought in the American Revolution and in the Texas Revolution against Mexico (battle of Gonzales).

Notes for DAVID BROWN:
Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of Alabama

The State v. Cawood et al.

Thomas Cawood, Franklin Brown, and Taylor Brown were indicted in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, for a conspiracy, and at October term, 1829, were found guilty and fined by the verdict of a jury. A motion being made to arrest the judgement, the preciding Judge referred the question of the legality of the conviction to this Court, under the provisions of the law for determining questions novel and difficult. (The indictment charged Thomas Cawood, Franklin Brown, and Taylor Brown with conspiracy against John Self).

Talladega County, Alabama, Chancery Record, Book 1839- 1844

Thomas F. Lundis vs. Daniel Richey.
Original bill dated 3 Oct 1839. Lundis obtained judgement against Richie who transferred property to David B. Brown, his brother-in-law, and to David Brown his father, who was father-in-law of said Richie.

Burial: his land in Rusk County, Texas
Census: 1820, St Clair County, Alabama 1(-21),8(+21)M/ 1(-21),2(+21)F Slaves 5 Event 1: 28 December 1839, moved to Sabine County, Texas Land: 1805, Georgia Land Lottery, Jefferson County, Georgia Residence: Bet. 1795 - 1813, Jasper or Jefferson County Georgia - possibly before

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