HELP: icon_glossary
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Icons that can be shown on the big/analog clock:

moon - shows current moon phase (if enabled)
## - seconds display (if enabled)
#d - whole days until next event (if enabled)
#:## - hours and minutes until next event (if enabled)
AM - first half of day (12-hour clock)
CT - custom time (not current time)
FD - fixed display (no JavaScript to update it)
FZ - foreign zone - selected timezone is different from your timezone
K - kludge in effect
PM - second half of day (12-hour clock)
new,+crs,+qtr,+gib,ful,-gib,-qtr,-crs - moon phases (when downloadable font not available)

To see event name on the big clock, hover over the date or press 'E' (in fullscreen mode).
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